1998   Duke University     A.B. (Psychology)

2007  Clark University     M.A. (Clinical Psychology)

2010   Clark University     Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)


1994-1998, Research Assistant, Duke University

2001-2003, Research Assistant/Coordinator, The APT Foundation/Yale University

2004-2010, Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Clark University

2009-2010, Clinical Intern, South Shore Mental Health

2010-2011, Clinical Fellow, South Shore Mental Health

2010-2011, Lecturer, Northeastern University

2011-2014, Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

2012-2014, Clinical Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

2014-Present, Assistant in Psychology/Psychologist, Massachusetts General Hospital

2014-Present, Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

2013-Present, Director of Research and Evaluation, Think:Kids at Massachusetts General Hospital



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Presentation Topics:

Skill not Will: Rethinking School Discipline

Collaborative Problem Solving: Effective Treatment for Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Evaluating Treatment Outcomes in Residential Treatment

Evaluating the Success of an Evidence-Based Treatment

Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Bio-Psycho-Social Etiologies and Treatments

Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to Maintain Staff Wellbeing

Research Careers in Psychology


Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Judge Baker Children’s Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

South Shore Mental Health, Quincy, MA

Greater Malden System of Care, Malden, MA

Clark University, Worcester, MA

Camp Starfish, Rindge, NH

KIPP School National Summit, Anaheim, CA

Youth Villages, Inc., Memphis TN

Guam System of Care, Guam

Berry Street Youth Services, Victoria, Australia


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Ablon JS, Kling N, Pollastri AR. Rethinking Challenging Kids. Presentation conducted at the annual conference of the National Council for Behavioral Health (NatCon); Apr 2018; Washington DC.



Camp Starfish, Rindge, NH

CPS Project at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, OR

Youth Villages, Memphis, TN

Association of Children's Residential Centers (ACRC)

Three Squeeze Technology, Portland, OR